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IT Tools With Advance Excel /CCC

Course : Advance Diploma in Graphic & Web Designing(ADGWD)

I.T. Tools / CCC

Introduction: Introduction of Computer, Types of Computer, Operating Software, Trouble Shooting, Internet.

MS Word: Formatting Text, Editing Images, Shapes & Charts, Hyperlink, Cross Reference, WordArt, Page Setup, Watermark, Mail Merge, Compare, Protection.

MS PowerPoint: Slide Preparation, Insert, Smart-Art, Charts, Design, Transitions, Animations, Slide Show, Review.

MS Excel: Preparing Salary Sheet, Mark Sheet using Sum, Average, Maximum, Minimum, Count, Counta, Logical Functions, Financial Functions, Date & Time Functions, Math & Trig. Functions, Text Functions etc.


Advance Excel

Lookup & References: HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, VLOOKUP with LARGE MAX, VLOOKUP with SUBTOTAL, Multiple VLOOKUP, Approximate VLOOKUP, VLOOKUP with MATCH, INDEX with MATCH Function etc., Absolute/Fixed, Relative & Mixed References.

Others: Advance Filter, Pivot Table & Charts, Hyperlink, Data Validation, Scenario Manager, Goal Seek, What-if-Analysis, COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT, Loan Sheet, Attendance Sheet, Calendar, Advance Conditional Formatting, More than 100 Shortcut keys